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At Translation Station, we provide professional translation services in many subject areas. We provide our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 150 languages, including major European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages. 


Thanks to our large network of professional translators and editors as well as our innovative technology, we can handle the most complicated projects.

For every project, we assign a project manager and a team of language specialists with appropriate expertise, who will consult with the client throughout the project on any potential issue.

We are available 24/7 for any project and service, including urgent, short-term, and large-scale specialised projects. Notwithstanding the nature of the service we perform, we guarantee a timely and professional delivery of your project.

The Translation Station workflow is a complex and multistep process:

Our translation divisions are based on their specialisations. For each project, we rigorously test all our translators and other vendors in terms of their specialisations, working experience, industry knowledge, and regional language proficiency before we assign them to work together as a team. Moreover, we make sure to work with native translators to maintain the appropriate cultural knowledge and voice of the target audience.

All our projects are managed via our unified Translation Station Server and the network of dedicated CAT tools, benefiting from the latest Translation Memory technologies. Thus, when working on the same project, our translators and editors are able to collaborate in a synchronised fashion, without any interruption, while monitoring each other’s progress in real time.

After the project has been translated, reviewed, and proofread, it is sent to our Quality Control Department, where it is automatically checked by our specialised QA software.

The final step in completing the project is the Project Manager’s final proofreading and approval.  

The final delivery is not only an excellent but also a perfectly reformatted document, with its layout painstakingly recreated to match the source document. Our talented DTP specialists will recreate any engineering drawings, graphics, flowcharts, images, or diagrams, including any imbedded text in noneditable parts of the project files.

Relying on our large vendor database of over 2,000 tested professionals, we are able to provide linguistic support in numerous language pairs, file formats, subject areas, and of different levels of complexity.

Many major international companies choose Translation Station as their preferred language services provider thanks to our professionalism, dedication to high standards of quality, and our competitive rates. We work with multilingual documents used in a multitude of industries—from Oil & Gas to Pharmaceuticals to Marketing to Literary Translation.

At Translation Station, we strive to provide human-powered translations that are timely as well as flawless, while keeping in mind the local verbiage and cultural subtleties of target markets. Translation Station’s HR Department tirelessly test and recruit the best language vendors from all over the world.

We believe that the art of translation is in the details of every language pair and its cultural history, often discernible only by a perfectly bilingual, appropriately specialising language specialist. Together with our extensive network of bilingual vendors and an excellent in-house staff of linguists, we are driven by our passion for languages and our mission to improve global communication through accurate, localized, and accessible translation services.