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Marketing & Advertising

The history of marketing dates back to the first magazine advertisement published in the 1700s. As new geographical discoveries brought different cultures together, there was also a concomitant rise in international communication and commercial activities.

A carefully thought-out advertising campaign should attract customers and make them want to use the company’s services or purchase its products. The budget for advertising of large companies  and corporations is millions, world stars are also engaged in this process, however, all this may not give the desired result if the advertising company is not adapted to the population of a particular country, since only advertising in the native language can be effective.

An incorrectly chosen strategy can cause irreparable damage to the company’s reputation and lead to non-profit or loss. The same applies to the translation of advertising materials. An incorrect translation, incorrect presentation, or not accurately chosen style can negate all the high-cost efforts of advertising industry specialists and never achieve the goal.

The main feature of Translation Station Advertising Department specialists is their creativity and ability to use words. The difficulty in translating advertising texts is, first of all, in the competent formulation of the idea that the company want to transmit to the consumer. They understand all the subtleties of phraseological units and idioms of a foreign language and easily convert their «selling» text in their native language.

A special niche in the advertising industry is occupied by marketing research, which, in contrast to advertising texts that require creativity and creative approach, requires accuracy and the ability to operate with specialized terms, as well as knowledge of financial and business terminology.

Translation Station Advertising Department has an extremely wide range of activities and includes translation of presentation materials, video and audio clips, publicist materials, advertising texts and slogans, catalogs, brochures, booklets, marketing research, press releases, articles, business plans, etc.

Along with high-quality translation of advertising or marketing materials, the customer often needs its design. Translation Station appreciates the customers time – our designers and webpage designers are ready to take on the full range of services for preparing materials for printing according to customer requirements.

Content we translate

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  • Digital & print advertising
  • Internal communication
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Social  media content
  • Subtitles and voiceover
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