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The military industry needs technical and nontechnical translation. The emergence of hostile territories has increased the intelligence gap that exists between existing translation infrastructure and that is required to handle the situation efficiently. It has been reported that lack of expertise in some important languages of Southeast, where defense activities are considered important.

So, qualified experts are needed to translate as well as interpret the technical and nontechnical materials from one language into another. We have such translators who are available anytime and have technical skills and background credentials. Interpretation and translation services in Military and Defense are a matter of life and death. Our translators understand the complexity of these translations and do the task efficiently.

When translating texts related to the defense industry, difficulties arise due to language inconsistencies caused by:

  • the lack of analogy between the concept and reality;
  • discrepancy or incomplete coincidence of terms;
  • differences in the rank systems of the armed forces of different countries;
  • differences in the structure of organizational and staff structures;
  • a short period of certain terms use;
  • a significant number of abbreviations and acronyms that are difficult to decipher.

Materials of the defense industry are characterized by a richness of special military vocabulary, a wide use of scientific and military terminology, stable combinations that are typical only for the military sphere of communication, an abundance of military nomenclature and special abbreviations and symbols used only in military materials.

Content we translate

  • Technical articles
  • Governments’ requests for proposal
  • Handbooks
  • Patents