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Nowadays almost all spheres of our everyday life are connected with Information Technology. It is used both in small enterprises and in nation-wide industrial complexes.

In this conditions, modern Information Technologies and Integrated Systems and Programs created on IT basis, become an indispensable tool in ensuring strategic targets and sustainable development of companies and organizations achievement.

All over the world modern computer industry growth trends require a comprehensive study of computer terminology. Almost all IT vocabulary historically connected with the English-speaking countries. It is not surprising, that the English language have a significant impact on other languages in terminological vocabulary formation through an active interaction in this field.

This fact illustrates the growing importance of translation as the mode of communication between representatives of various countries, languages and ethnic groups.

Terminology of texts, which are new in IT sphere is the most movable layer of the vocabulary, enriching and changing constantly. The language of this field developing dynamically and interacting actively with the literary language, slang and different dialects.

IT translation includes translation of User Manuals for Apps and devices, translation of equipment description, User Manuals for program or hardware, computer games, IT materials and articles and other.

Main purpose of IT translator is an adequate transfer of the information in source language by means of target language. The purpose becomes more complex because it is often difficult to translate IT terminology correctly into another language, which is caused by the lack of similar concepts in the target language and it requires searching for equivalents that would fully correspond to the meaning in the original.

Other main characteristics are tying in to English, widespread use of borrowed words, quick terminology obsolescence and usage of different terminology by competing IT product manufacturers.

Specialists of the Translation Department in the field of IT of the translation agency TRANSLATION STATION continuously monitor all trends in the IT market, write specialized glossaries, conduct trainings and workshops on training translators. All of these allows you to provide not only high-qualified, but also updated translation, suitable for using by top companies without any additional processing.

Along with accumulated knowledge and the possibility to apply it in practice, the principle of confidentiality is the main rule of work for us, so when contacting TRANSLATION STATION, You can be sure of non-disclosure of the information provided, and the NDA is signed before entering into the Service Agreement.