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Recent growth of international trade led to demand growth of juridical document translation. Consequently there is a growing demand for translators working with legal documentation. Legal translation is considered one of the most difficult types of translation, because standard skills, general knowledge and training of translators are often insufficient for the appropriate translation of such complex legal documents.

To perform a legal translation, you need a creative approach combined with exact terminology. In the process of translation, there are always difficulties associated with the differences in different countries’ legal systems and terminology, as well as the peculiarities of civil, administrative, criminal, arbitration and other branches of legislation. As a result, there is a need for professional translation of legal documents.

The translator must have access to all resources, for example, juridic reference systems, dictionaries of specialized vocabulary, foreign defining dictionaries and reference books, so that they can reproduce terminology, syntax, and some significant legal nuances without distortion. For example, the translation of contracts always involves searching for the necessary legal wording and must be carried out by a linguist who has a successful experience in working with contracts or has a specialized legal education, since mistakes made in the translation of contracts can lead to serious consequences, including legal proceedings.

Translated legal documents include laws and regulations, charters, memoranda and other constituent and corporate documents of legal entities, documentation on legal proceedings and decisions, contracts, agreements and contracts, power of attorney, certificates and certificates, licenses, applications, patents and related documentation, as well as special legal literature.

Translation STATION’s legal translators of the translation agency TRANSLATION STATION have the appropriate knowledge and experience in the field of law, perform proper, adequate translation of legal documentation, taking into account the requirements of the legislation of different countries, specific terminology and accepted practice of conducting legal proceedings, as a result our customers receive the highest quality translation.

Along with accumulated knowledge and the possibility to apply it in practice, the principle of confidentiality is the main rule of work for us, so when contacting TRANSLATION STATION, You can be sure of non-disclosure of the information provided, and the NDA is signed before entering into the Service Agreement.