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With a plethora of online streaming services, it is safe to say that the film and TV industry is revolutionary. With hundreds of TV series and films released each year, absolute interpreting and translations realise that there is a wealth of content that needs to be translated. This is why we strive to deliver official translation services for film production companies and TV channels so that we can help make all types of media accessible globally.

Today, we have access to films of all genres from various countries and corners of the world. However, behind a beautiful picture, an interesting film and the pleasure we get from watching it, there is a huge work of many people. Translation plays one of the most important roles in our perception of the picture.

Unfortunately, we perceive a huge number of films incorrectly precisely because of inaccurate or low-quality translation. After all, the movie translation is exactly the area, where literal line-by-line translation is simply unacceptable. It is not enough just to choose the exact translation. You need to transfer the mood of the character, as well as take into account the specifics of the dialect.

Inaccurate movie and their titles translation in foreign box office has long been a legend. It is surprising and not clear at all when suddenly distributors translate the name of the movie “Carrie” as “Telekinesis”, and “Intouchables” as  “1+1”, and “Die Hard” as “Hard Nut To Crack.” And if the translated titles, apparently, reflect the essence of movies, even with the creativity manifestations and very free interpretation, then such «improvisation» is simply unacceptable in the translation of remarks and can often completely confuse the audience.

Highly qualified specialists of Translation Station, as well as a multi-stage quality control system, guarantee high quality, accuracy and identity of the translation, which will allow you to avoid curious situations and enjoy the movie properly.

The work of movie translating is both meticulous and creative. Firstly, the translator must review the movie several times, make important notes, then he needs to decipher the sound sequence, which can also be difficult, especially if it is in some rare dialect. This is followed directly by the translation and its literary revision.

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