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No doubt, economics is one of the most important areas of our life, because it affects public and private well-being. In the business and professional world, it is recognized that the financial reporting system described by International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is most consistent with a market economy. It provides the market with useful financial information for a wide range of interested users, allows a new and effective management of the company, and is an important component of high-quality corporate governance of the company. The use of international standards in preparing reports that are disclosed to the market increases the company’s chances of success.

The relevance of financial and economic documents translation is increasing day by day, despite the fact that most of the economic documents are standard, similar in structure and content. In this case, the translator acts as an intermediary between the parties. And the result of cooperation between partners from different countries depends on the level of professionalism of the translation company’s specialists.

Translation of financial and economic documents is different, for example, from literary or technical translation, but it has with other types of translation one characteristic in common: it must not contain ambiguous interpretations or discrepancies. In order to perform a high-quality translation of financial documents, the translator must not only know the financial terminology and choose the appropriate term, but also have the appropriate knowledge or experience to help them understand the purport of a document, understand its purpose, observe the proper design, and ultimately meet the requirements of the customer.

Financial and economic translation includes translation of banking documents, accounting and financial statements, documentation on the work of stock exchanges, investment and insurance companies, and market documentation containing statistical, marketing or economic research data.

Translators of the finance and economics translation department of TRANSLATION STATION are professionals, specialists in economics, who also have a degree in finance and experience in financial institutions. They track changes in Russian and international legislation on accounting, reporting and banking, thereby ensuring the accuracy of translation of newly introduced terminology and generally improving the quality of work performed.

Our clients include a huge number of large public and private enterprises and structures, as well as global companies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, France, Italy, the United States, Australia, Cyprus, San Marino and other countries. We work with banks, investment companies and funds, credit unions, depositories, insurance companies, pension funds, as well as with individual financial analysts, dealers and brokers.

Along with accumulated knowledge and the possibility to apply it in practice, the principle of confidentiality is the main rule of work for us, so when contacting TRANSLATION STATION, You can be sure of non-disclosure of the information provided, and the NDA is signed before entering into the Service Agreement.