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Agriculture is one of the most important industries and is represented in all countries. International cooperation in the agricultural sector of the world economy in modern conditions is based on the concept of food security, which implies ensuring guaranteed access to quality food for all citizens.

Currently, the emphasis is on accelerating the development of agriculture in comparison with the growth rate of consumption. Modern agricultural companies engaged in the production, processing and sale of food products do not exist without legal support. In addition, qualified translation support is required to acquaint a foreign business investor with the specifics of the domestic land market and the rules for working on it. Translation assistance is needed at various stages of agribusiness, including support of current activities, companies consolidation and acquisitions, negotiations in the process of creating and developing agribusiness infrastructure, investments, trade in agricultural crops, etc.

Negotiation processes in agribusiness, such as business meetings, seminars, international specialized exhibitions of farming equipment, are full of narrow technical terms, so the condition for effective product presentation and mutually beneficial cooperation of companies from different countries will be professional translation support. Considering that the smallest details should not be missed during negotiations on technical topics, it is advisable to entrust this work to translators who have knowledge of the production process mechanization in the agricultural sector. For example, it will be an advantage if the translator has a stock of technical terms used in modern poultry farming, fishing, grain production, etc.

The process of conducting agribusiness is accompanied by the conclusion of arrangements, for example, between agricultural equipment suppliers and agricultural holdings, agricultural enterprises or farms. Further cooperation between companies depends on the timely exchange of information. We translate economic, legal and technical documentation for agricultural enterprises that need high-quality and timely data exchange with foreign developers and farming equipment suppliers, as well as investors in agro-industrial complexes.

Along with accumulated knowledge and the possibility to apply it in practice, the principle of confidentiality is the main rule of work for us, so when contacting TRANSLATION STATION, You can be sure of non-disclosure of the information provided, and the NDA is signed before entering into the Service Agreement.