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The mining industry is one of the most globally distributed business sectors in the world. Multinational mining companies depend on professional language translations between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, English and Afrikaans, English and Vietnamese, and many other languages to support international business operations and engage customers globally. 

Translation Station has the professional translators and subject matter experts who specialize in translating for all areas of the mining ecosystem: extraction, milling, smelting, and transportation. We also support translation memory and mining terminology management on the cloud, allowing our clients to consistently receive the best quality translation results with faster turnaround time and reduced localization costs. Our online based translation management system allows mining companies to centrally manage all their internationalization activities, including project tracking, multilingual document management, and translation spend monitoring, all in one convenient place. Translation Station helps mining businesses accelerate international growth and stay ahead of the competition by deploying multilingual documents in all languages with efficiency and scale.

Translation requires the ability to navigate the specifics of the translated text. This requirement is particularly relevant for translation in the technical field, which is characterized by a noticeable predominance of specialized terminology. Such vocabulary causes considerable difficulties in translation and requires the translator to know a certain amount of technical terminology. The mining industry is full of highly specialized terms, which makes it necessary to study the linguistic features of its terminological signs.

Content we translate

  • Drilling SOPs
  • Job site automation software
  • Worker safety training courses
  • Mining equipment manuals