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Literary Translation

Literary translations are probably the most challenging area of language translations. This is because literary works are steeped into the culture of the place from where they originated or the place they depict. This creates considerable challenges in translating them into another language. But Translation Station, has always thrived on challenges and continuing with our mission to provide the most comprehensive language translation services on one platform we have included literary translations in our repertoire.

Our literary translation team is made up of professional language translation experts with strong foundation in world literature and substantial practical experience. We keep adding new literary translators to our team and can provide high quality translations of novels, poems, plays, scripts etc. for a large number of language pairs.

At Translation Station, we appreciate the delicacy of literary translation project and the fact that a literary work might lose a lot in translation. This is why we have a system for quality assurance in place in which a completed literary translation project is proofread by a professional translator other than the one who completed the project. Moreover we draw our talent from the whole world and our bid management system is managed by a sophisticated program that ensures the best document translation rates for every literary translation project. You can get the best translation quote for your literary translation project right now by providing a few details in the ‘Get a Quote’ form.

Content we translate

  • Novels
  • Children’s books
  • Poems
  • Fairy tails
  • Magazines and articles
  • Theater and TV/movie scripts