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Nowadays for many of us food and cooking become not just a vital need but also a special kind of art and lifestyle.

The number of “foodies” and gourmets increase every day, and new food service points do not cease to delight with their variety. Cooking today is by no means a banal process of cooking, but the integration of a wide variety of activities — from the basics of restaurant management to the creation of culinary masterpieces.

Opening of the different nations cuisine, invitation of foreign chefs, holding of international gastronomic festivals –  all of this creates the most urgent need for translation, both written and oral.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the «food» topic in contrast to the oil and gas or pharmaceutical translations, this area is fraught with many nuances and difficulties, the main of which is the selection of professional personnel. A food translator doesn’t just need to know the name of certain products or be able to cook well — he must know all the basics and difficulties of the cooking process, be aware of the new “food” mods and follow all loanwords in Russian language, because this translation field is more susceptible to changes and loanwords than others. Our “food” translators learn the basis of cooking not only in theory, but also actively attend master classes of native chefs for the greatest immersion in the subject.

10-15 years ago translation in the field of cooking was limited to the translation of cookbooks and excerpts from the menu, today its borders have significantly expanded. Over the years, TRANSLATION STATION specialists have translated hundreds of restaurant concepts, cookbooks and manuals, menus, specifications, checklists, provided linguistic support at gastronomic and ethnic festivals, tours, master classes and tastings, as well as the translation of cooking shows.

TRANSLATION STATION actively cooperates with representatives of various countries, such as Spain, Italy, France, Israel, Sweden, Georgia, Japan, India, China, etc. TRANSLATION STATION specialists contribute to the development of the culinary industry in our country, mastering all the subtleties of translating new and complex techniques, in particular, in the field of molecular cuisine.