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Oil & Gas

The mining industry is still of great importance to the economy of many countries around the world and materials yielded such as coal, ores and precious stones are valuable commodities around the globe. Mining often takes place in countries and regions far away from the end-user, making logistics the most essential parts within this industry. Trading in this very lucrative business therefore requires excellent communication between the parties involved and often the services of an interpreter or a translator are necessary.

Translation in the oil and gas industry is considered as one of the most difficult, which requires special training of the translator. The development of new hydrocarbon fields, the development of transportation systems, the improvement of methods for the extraction of hard-to-recover oil and gas reserves — all this leads to the emerging of new technologies, methods of its application, as well as new standards and regulations. Therefore, besides the high level of translation preparation, the high-quality translation of the oil and gas industry texts, in particular, highly specialized texts, terms, jargon, adequate transmission of all the subtleties in the field of oil and gas processing, it is necessary to possess knowledge in the field of technological processes, rely on modern research methods, developments and new technologies.

Oil and gas enterprises are large companies with powerful flows of various internal documents, which means an permanently growing database and documents. In the oil and gas industry, documents related to the occurrences, equipment operation, transportation and storage of oil and gas, work instructions, equipment drawings, etc. are processed.

Oil and gas enterprises that cooperate with foreign partners, produce and export products, or want to use the experience of foreign companies, actively use international and foreign standards, and the translator is an indispensable link for transmitting and exchanging information between enterprises.

It should be noted that oil and gas enterprises are characterized by enhanced responsibility and quality requirements for production processes. Therefore, the translation of documents related to the work of the quality management service at these enterprises is subject to high requirements. Our translation agency provides translation services in various technical sectors, including the oil and gas sector. We perform high-quality translation based on up-to-date terminology that is in compliance with regularly updated documentation standards for the oil and gas industry. With regard to regulatory documentation, we translate documents from developers such as ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials), API (American Petroleum Institute), ISO (International  Standardization Organization) and other institutions, as well as internal documentation for oil and gas enterprises (design, environmental, production documentation, minutes of conferences, meetings, seminars, planning, etc.).

Content we translate

  • Operation manuals
  • Documentation
  • Environmental compliance audits
  • Impact assessments
  • Contractual and sales documents
  • Website and app localisation