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The tremendous diversity of the global mechanical engineering industry requires the ability to think precisely about the functioning of the machines. Since many of our translators are also engineers, we’ve discovered inaccuracies in the translation templates on many occasions and have helped to improve the source text.

Translations in mechanical engineering field are considered as a category of rather difficult technical texts translation.

Such translations include technical translation of specifications, instructions, project documentation, regulations, technical documentation, translation of scientific articles for specialized periodic publications, websites and scientific papers.

To transmit all the nuances, the translator must not only know all the variety of narrow specialization terms, but also be able to work with graphic schemes, tables, diagrams, illustrations, as well as have the skills of graphic design and layout of translations.

Mechanical engineering is an industry that is permanently growing and updating, and with it the dictionary of machine-tool terms, concepts and turns are being updated.

When translations are accurate and localization of data is executed, engineering firms begin to stabilize and diversify their business as their client base expands, and coherence can be found across all documentation and manuals. Its importance is rather obvious given that the success of a product or an international business deal often relies on how well the end users understand its use, precautions, and implications.

Mechanical engineering can not be considered separately from other industries, so the translator in the direction of machine-tool construction should not only be versed in issues of equipment production, but also understand the use of produced equipment.

Thus, the machine-tool subdivision specialists of Translation Station Technical Department work in close cooperation with specialists of the pharmaceutical, construction, chemical, oil and gas and other departments to ensure high-quality and relevant translation, which can easily be used by the staff of production enterprises.

Content we translate 

  • Handbooks
  • Instruction manuals
  • User interfaces
  • Trade materials
  • Flyers and brochures
  • Websites
  • Press releases
  • Operating and maintenance manuals