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For coastal countries shipbuilding is one of the strategic directions of economic, trade and state security policies.

In such countries, this industry uses a large number of resources and attracts attention of foreign investors. Annual special conferences are held to exchange information and share the experience of the specialists from different countries. Companies engaged in this industry actively interact at international level. All of this makes it necessary to provide linguistic support for these processes. Translations for shipbuilding are characterized by complex specifics and professional vocabulary.

Translation Station provides expert ship manufacturing translation services as part of our industry focused localization solutions for the global manufacturing sector. We have professional translators and multilingual subject matter experts who specialize in delivering accurate technical translations for the construction of merchant ships such as oil tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, cruise ships, or passenger ships. 

The global yacht market is a $10 billion dollar industry and rapidly growing as emerging countries in Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa produce an ever increasing number of high net worth individuals. However, to effectively market luxury boats overseas, shipbuilders must translate a variety of contents to engage international customers while complying with local laws and regulations. Whether you are a manufacturer of flybridge, aft cabin, sedan bridge, large express-style, or pilothouse yachts, Translation Station has the linguistic experts and best-in-class localization processes to accurately translate your technical documents, marketing collateral, websites, and video content into all Asian, European, and African languages with speed and scale. Our online translation platform supports multilingual glossaries, translation memory, and in-context linguistic review to ensure the most efficient luxury yacht translations without breaking the bank.

Content we translate

  • Design and manufacturing documents,
  • Learning courses
  • Engineering manuals
  • Vessel life cycle management content  
  • Ship repair and modernization
  • Means of emergency rescue
  • Navigational and hydrographic support
  • Communications
  • Underwater technologies
  • Oceaneering,
  • Diving equipment manuals