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Energy Industry


The energy industry is a complex one, with rising consumer demand and an increasing number of social, environmental and technical challenges. That’s why high quality translation services have never been more important in helping to open up debate and discussion on a global level.

Nuclear power is one of the most important industries in the economy of modern states, taking the third place after coal-fired power and hydro power. A huge number of developments in the nuclear energy field are carried out in different countries at the same time. Countries and entire continents are involved in international projects. Government agencies are involved in nuclear power, but research and development directly related to it is also carried out by private companies. Obviously, all these processes determine the need to translate documents of various types into different languages of the world.

The range of activities of nuclear power enterprises is very wide. Engineering companies and designers of nuclear power plants engaged in the design, engineering and construction of nuclear power plants conduct engineering-geological (uranium mining, conversion and enrichment of uranium), hydrometeorological (study of hydrometeorological conditions of the construction site), environmental surveys (current state assessment of the environment in order to justify the construction of a nuclear facility from an environmental point of view), construction and commissioning tests, ensure the extension of the service life and decommissioning of nuclear power facilities. Project and technical documentation is developed in the frames of this work, the translation of which requires compliance with the rules and language regulations, and the content accuracy of the source text, preserving the meaning and unity of terminology.

Translation Station specialists have extensive experience in the segment of such highly specialized topics as translation of texts in the field of nuclear energy. Our specialists will be able to make an accurate and high-quality translation that will satisfy you both in terms of order completion time and the correctness of compliance with language standards, since the main priorities in our work are the high quality of the services provided and the promptness of order fulfillment.

Content we translate

  • AutoCad/ Microstation Drawings
  • Front End Engineering Design & Engineering Procurement and Construction documentation
  • Training handbooks
  • Health, Safety and Environment materials
  • Project bids and tenders
  • Operation & Maintenance manuals
  • Contractual documentation