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Modern world conditions and the growing demand for industrial and civil facilities construction contribute to the globalization of the developing area. Construction is picking up momentum in all countries, regions and localities. In such areas as house building, shipbuilding, car manufacturing, plant building, urban planning and other areas of building and manufacturing, foreign contractors are often involved, which leads to the need to translate construction documentation to ensure interaction between the investor, customer, contractor and subcontractors. The language barrier in this case can be effectively overcome only by tech-savvy translators who have the appropriate qualifications and extensive knowledge in the field of construction.

High-quality and accurate translation of project documentation plays a key role in the construction of any object. Adequate transmission of information contained in the design and construction documentation is possible only if the translator is properly trained in a particular field.

Special attention should be paid to the correct translation of regulatory documentation at the stage of engineering surveys, because it significantly affects the design decisions and the entire further process of design and construction. Therefore, the translator must be trained in engineering-geodesic, engineering-geological, engineering-hydrometeorological, engineering-ecological or engineering-geotechnical research and works.

At the construction stage, the translator has the task of quality translation of the current accompanying or working documentation (reports, protocols, schedules, comments, changes, etc.). The working documentation ensures the implementation of technical solutions of the construction object, adopted in the approved project documentation, which is necessary for the construction and installation works, providing construction equipment, products and materials, or manufacturing construction products.

In this case, for the translator is required to have knowledge in the field of earthworks, stone works, concrete works, roofing works, electric and gas welding. The translator must understand the technology of such work, because the documentation at this stage may be very brief and do not contain detailed descriptions that allow the translator to clarify the meaning of the concepts used. At this stage, the translator works with data in tabular form rather than with full text. Such work requires the extreme attention from the translator.

During translation of documents developed at the stage of commissioning, the character of the built object is important. It can be an oil refinery, chemical plant, shipbuilding plant, etc. Translation of documentation in this case requires preparation from the translator in the relevant field, understanding the functions and role of the construction object.

Our company assists in the construction of various industrial facilities in the part of regulatory and technical requirements translation, specifications for materials and equipment, drawings, calculations, estimates, negotiations, minutes of meetings and other documents.

Along with accumulated knowledge and the possibility to apply it in practice, the principle of confidentiality is the main rule of work for us, so when contacting TRANSLATION STATION, You can be sure of non-disclosure of the information provided, and the NDA is signed before entering into the Service Agreement.